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2015 Austin Alfa Club Fall Drive 10-17-15

            2015 Lucas-Marelli Tour   The Texas Hill Country Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club (THC-AROC) is hosting the sixth annual Lucas-Marelli Tour on October 17th this year.

Alfa Romeo Engages Artists to Reinterpret its History

In an apparent effort to reinvigorate its heritage in a new age, Alfa has allowed artists to have their way with the brand and its products. http://www.artofbrands.com/us_en/alfaromeo/

Rosanky Car Museum Collection to be Auctioned

Eighty two (82) of Dick Burdick’s cars are to be auctioned off on March 3, 2012 in Rosanky (Smithville) by the Dean Kruse auction company. These cars currently make up the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History (http://ctmah.org/). Approximately 500 items of Automobilia will also be auctioned off. More auction details here: http://www.kruseclassics.com/index.cfm?id=208&auc_code=RO12

The Colorado Grand in a 300SL – from Distinction magazine

Writing in Distinction magazine, Larry Printz details his participation in the 2011 Colorado Grand tour hunkered down in a 1962 Mercedes Benz 300SL roadster.

Contemporary Design Analysis of a vintage Giulia Super

Robert Cumberford, writing for Automobile magazine, gives his analysis of a Giulia Super’s design in a March 2011 article. http://www.automobilemag.com/features/by_design/1103_alfa_romeo_giulia_super/index.html

1940 Alfa 512 racer detailed on the “Axis of Oversteer”

Alfa Romeo spent quite a bit of time and effort during World War II developing a rear-engine race car. The resulting Alfa 512 never was entered into competition, but it’s an interesting story nonetheless, as excepted from Mattijs Diepraam’s research. http://axisofoversteer.blogspot.com/2009/10/obscure-racers-alfa-romeo-512.html

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  • 2014 FALL Club tour

    2014 FALL Club tour

    Dean Mericas has finalized our Fall Tour as follows: “The Texas Hill Country Alfa Romeo Owner’s Club (THC-AROC) is hosting the fifth annual Lucas-Marelli Tour on October 11th. While the tour is held as a THC-AROC event, it’s really an opportunity for like-minded gearheads to enjoy a day of fun driving, interesting people, and good [...]

  • Alfa 4C – from Show to a Go

    Alfa 4C – from Show to a Go

    The Alfa 4C quickly went from a “show” car to a “go” car.   The rwd 2-seater is slated for “imminent” production with a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine making 230 bhp, with room to grow that output to 300bhp.  Pricing is targeted to be in line with a base Porsche Cayman (~$50,000). No word on whether [...]

  • The 8C General Lee !

    The 8C General Lee !

    I guess there aren’t a lot of 1970 Dodge Chargers in Italy, so “Dukes of Hazzard” fans there just have to make due with what they can. http://www.autoblog.com/2012/01/30/did-someone-really-order-this-alfa-romeo-8c-with-a-general-lee-p/  

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